We are Human Resources Care & Support

We provide face-to-face or on-call easy-to-understand advice to ensure effective outcomes are achieved in line with legislative requirements. Often small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are not aware of their legal obligations to their employees. We provide the expertise to ensure these needs are met and business risk is mitigated.

The sooner an HR problem is addressed, the easier it is to resolve. Don't wait until it becomes a 'Fair Work Australia issue'. We have the knowledge and skills to provide effective solutions to your HR issues. Often it can be resolved over the phone, so please feel free to call us.



HRCS was created to meet the human resource needs of small-to-medium businesses. Our highly personalised service ensures we are able to tailor your people-related needs to the special requirements of your business. 

Our proven knowledge and expertise in employment-related issues ensures we take the time to understand your business and culture and provide solutions accordingly.

Trevor Royals is the managing director of HRCS. His approachable style, proven versatility, and reliability of advice make him sought-after by clients requiring an HR professional. Read more about Trevor… 

  • Trevor’s unique ability to read people and situations is an attribute that has delivered fantastic results for many of my clients. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.
    — Leah Knight, managing director Entire Office Management
  • For any business without an in-house HR team, Trevor's services are very highly recommended. He assists us with HR matters as they arise and keeps our contracts and policies current.
    — Paul Edwards, CEO Fairfields Corporate Immigration
  • I have always found Trevor professional and forthright. He has been able to provide valuable HR support to my clients and for my business as well.
    — Tim Shaw, CEO GapMaps

What we do


Our experience working within multinational, not for profit, and national organisations across a range of industries allows us to address the following challenges…

  • On-call support to managers for HR advice on workplace matters including dispute resolution and unfair dismissal situations.

  • Development, implementation or review of all human resource policies to ensure legislative compliance such as code of conduct, leave, anti discrimination & bullying, OH&S.

  • Prepare new or review existing staff employment contract and induction checklists.

  • Position description development.

  • Develop and Implement all human resource structures for start up businesses.

  • Performance management advice including underperformance and high absenteeism.

  • Advice on business restructures affecting your staff that may relate to potential Redundancies.

  • Recruitment polices and processes, including up-skilling managers on targeted recruitment practices to ensure your business hires the best candidates.

  • Development, implementation and up-skilling of managers of yearly performance appraisal systems for their staff.




We look forward to assisting you with your HR requirements. Please leave a message below or call on 0423 067 106

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